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Welcome to Faversham Hypnotherapy

Specialist in Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety Uk Approved

If you are experiencing difficulties managing your anxiety or depression or need help with any weight management issues and feel you’ve reached that threshold, I mean really feel you’ve reached it and need to take action, click the button below and book a free, no obligation consultation, it’s just a chat, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Anxiety can take many forms, we all have natural levels of anxiety, it keeps us safe, looks after us. However it can become something so overwhelming that it can stop us from literally functioning. Overthinking, worrying excessively especially about future events, it can stop us from going out to work or socially, driving, sleeping. It can lead to excessive behaviour to cope, smoking, alcohol and drugs.

There are many options out there, CBT, counselling, mindfulness all there to help you find positive direction to move you forward and to get you back to thinking in a balanced positive way. Hypnosis is another option that is available to explore.

At Faversham Hypnotherapy I deal almost exclusively with helping people suffering with anxiety issues. Most people have experienced the symptoms of anxiety at some point in their lives, which can vary from a mild anxious feeling to a severe panic attack and anywhere between the two.

Anxiety is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is usually short lived, stressful situations can heighten anxiety levels such as taking a driving test or attending a job interview but after the event the anxious feelings dissipate.

When anxiety symptoms start to affect people’s lives on a daily basis it becomes very difficult for people to cope. Symptoms can range from constantly worrying about things, insomnia, panic attacks to name but a few and finding a way to cope on a day to day basis becomes difficult, people may avoid certain situations or social gatherings, they may find it difficult to leave their house, go to work, etc.

Whatever the issues are that you maybe struggling to cope with there is help out there.

Hypnosis is a process that can take you into a deep relaxation and allows your mind to become very focused and more able to respond to positive suggestion.Hypnotherapy is used to help manage a variety of health issues, including stress, skin conditions, weight loss, addiction, grief, sleep disorders, and smoking cessation. Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.

The experience of hypnosis can vary from person to person. Many people have reservations about hypnotherapy, fearing that they might lose control of their thoughts or actions. Despite these negative connotations, hypnotherapy cannot make you act against your will, hypnotherapy helps build self-awareness and overcome unwanted behaviours and break negative thought patterns.

If your thinking of using hypnotherapy to help you with any issues then please feel free to get in touch, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. I also offer a hypnotherapy relaxation session on the ‘offers’ page so people can experience hypnosis and see if its something that could work for them.

Email me or look at the Facebook page where you can private message me for more information, I’m happy to help and discuss the options available, you can also book in for a free, no obligation consultation. Taking action is the first step to getting you well again.

Neil Robson Dip Hyp (ASCH)

Specialist in Anxiety and Depression Anxiety Uk Approved