“ Awesome, very profound discovery, feel very peaceful and free. Grateful for the expert guidance. Very surprising.”
D.F. Ashford.

“ A new experience, very relaxing, the start of a new approach to clearing my anxiety "
 J. Faversham.

“ Wow, an amazing experience, very relaxing, found out things in my subconscious I didn’t know where there. It was a great session.
S.D. Faversham. “

Felt extremely relaxed, went well,and enjoyed it, so relaxed in fact, shame it had to end!”
B.D. Canterbury.

“ I immediately felt relaxed with Neil, he explained everything and put me at ease as I was a bit nervous, feel totally calm and happy, was a shame to end.”
K.D. Faversham.

“ A very new experience for me and felt very relaxed but at the same time in control. Neil was very professional.”
P. Stone. Herne Bay.

“ Neil explained things very well before going into trance and made me feel at ease. I imagined the sounds and images and had a wonderful experience.”
S.F. Ashford.

“ I felt so relaxed and at ease all the time, so helpful, would recommend him to anyone.”
L.H. Ashford.

“ Very relaxing, took me a while to get into the relaxation but once there I really I really felt it and feel so much better and calmer.”
F.D. Canterbury.

“ Neil was amazing, he has taught me so much about how I can relax and rid myself of an awful lot of tension which should allow me to sleep soundly and lead a better life.”
W.P. Faversham.

“ Once I relaxed I felt the session went really well and I felt and feel more relaxed and calm. I felt very comfortable and safe.”
T.D. Faversham.

“ Quite extraordinary and feels effective already,very deep relaxation and I feel quite free, happy and energised. Grateful.”
D.R. Canterbury.

“ Second visit. Found myself relaxing very quickly....my mind surprised me by thinking about it’s own thing and totally feel like my mind cleared up a few issues....feeling good.”
K. Canterbury.